Mortgage deals limited?

We source understanding lenders for Company Directors, tax planning and more

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credit history lacking?

We help Self Employed mortgage seekers find a good deal even on one year accounts

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Adverse Credit?

We find sympathetic mortgage providers for business purposes

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Welcome to our Website

Are you a director of a company and looking to get a mortgage? Is being self-employed hindering your chances? Are you struggling with finding the right company who will help you?

Our specialist mortgage providers will work with you and your financial profile to get you the best deal. 

If You Are In Despair About Getting A Mortgage...

I Need Some Help can find you specialists who endeavor to get you the mortgage you are after. We understand that it can be tricky to prove a steady income as it likely varies from year to year.

However, there is no reason why being self-employed should limit the mortgage deals available to you. If your employees can secure financing easily, then you should be able to also.

We can put you in touch with the right people.

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Satisfied customers

My wife and I highly recommend I Need Some Help. We are both business owners and although we do well for ourselves, we struggled for over a year to find a mortgage provider because of our varying income. This website was just what we needed to direct us and point us in the right direction to a mortgage provider who specialises in our income situation.

Joseph - Ockley

I Need Some Help referred me to a fantastic mortgage broker who had no qualms over my varying income. I was able to get the help and information and above all, the mortgage I needed. Thank you for taking the time to listen and help me!

Susanna - Sevington

It was a relief to finally find a website that could put me in contact with someone who could help me to get a mortgage. After over a year of trying to get a mortgage as a business owner I finally came across the help I needed with this site. A fantastic service was provided! Thank you!

Adrian - Fawsley

The prospect of moving into a house was at first very exciting but the task of trying to get a mortgage was proving to be very difficult for me as I am self-employed. This website put me in contact with the right people who were able to help me. I have since found a mortgage provider and have moved into a fantastic property, all thanks to I Need Some Help.

Sara - Wilmslow