Mortgages for Directors with Adverse Credit

  1. Mortgages for Directors with Adverse Credit

Mortgages for Directors with Adverse Credit

If you are a Company Director with adverse credit I Need Some Help would like to help you find a mortgage provider. Our specialists will assist you even if you have adverse credit, CCj`s, Defaults, Debt Management Plans, Bankruptcy, or IVA`s - all situations are considered. 

We know that a poor credit rating can have a negative impact when it comes to trying to get a mortgage for your home. Whether you have never borrowed and therefore can’t prove to lenders that you are reliable or if you’ve had a county court judgment against you, whatever your situation, we endeavour to help you.

We can point you in the direction of the right lenders who may be able to help you to secure your perfect home.

So contact us, if you need some help.


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